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Dedicated to the Advancement of Leisure Sciences

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Committed to Connecting People

We bring together people from diverse backgrounds who share a mutual interest in better understanding the roles of leisure in life, including various contexts of recreation, parks, tourism, outdoor adventure, health, therapy, and sport.

Membership is open to all, and all are invited to take responsibility for the academy’s growth and development by volunteering to serve on its committees, stand for its governing offices, and otherwise help create the academy’s future. We want to build a caring and connected professional community.

The Academy of Leisure Sciences was founded in 1980 to honor scholars who had made significant contributions, through their research and writings, to the field of leisure sciences. In 2011, the ALS voted to reconstitute itself and open its membership to scholars, educators, and practitioners. Although The Academy will continue its practice of nominating and electing Fellows based on lifetime achievement, henceforth we will facilitate academic and administrative mentorship and professional networking; continuing education; and research, teaching, and service-related programs.

We are excited about the prospects for the future. We believe the newly reconstituted Academy of Leisure Sciences will serve that mission and we look forward to you joining us as we move the Academy forward together.